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spotify interrupting videos on other apps

spotify interrupting videos on other apps

Plan: Premium

Country: Australia


iPhone 8+

Operating System: iOS 12.3.2


My Question or Issue

recently i have been having an issue with my spotify app, I’ll pause my music in order to, let’s say, watch a video on another app however the video will continuously keep pausing after i press play over and over again even though my music is paused. I’ve figured out it was an issue with the spotify app as once i completely close down my spotify app this issue resolves until i open up spotify again and listen to music again, it’s rather inconvenient for me having to close down the app every time i come across a short video i want to watch in order to be able TO watch it, especially if I intend to continue to listen to music afterwards. I have tried reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, logging out of my account, and nothing is fixing it. 

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