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spotify isnt letting me make playlists available offline

spotify isnt letting me make playlists available offline

I subscribed to spotify premium so I could listen to my music on the go, but now MY SPOTIFY WONT ALLOW ME TO MAKE PLAYLISTS AVAILABLE OFFLINE. It is extremely frustrating, i also hate the new update for ios. What was wrong with the old layout that was much clearer and easier to use?

5 Replies

What happens when you make a playlist available offline? Do you see an error message?

no grey arrows appear beneath the title but wont download. 



Can I just check. Are you trying to download spotify music following this guide or synch local files from your PC as in this guide? Do you have a working internet connection and have you checked that spotify is not in offline mode?

Got the same problem. I used the 7day premium trial and after that i got the premium.
But ever since my playlist is not downloading. It was downloaded... Might that be the problem?

Having the same issue trying to sync over 3G using latest version on iPhone 5s. Turned the 3G setting on and it won't sync at all.

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