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spotify wont connect to bmw connected drive

spotify wont connect to bmw connected drive

since the lastest iOS and spotify update (both on the same day for me, yey) spotify wont connect to bmw connected drive, If I go and tell the car to connect to my apps it sits there until I get bored but never connects.


Ive also tried playing over bluetooth rather than using the app in the car if that makes sense, and bluetooth doesnt play either.


Im not sure if its iOS or spotify but I dont know how to roll either of them back.


has anyone else had this and how did you fix it?

Ive tried rebooting the phone, disconnecting and reconnecting my phone to the car, deleting and reinstalling spotify.


spotify version

iOS 11.2.5

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just tried my husbands phone, hes running iOS 11.2.2 and the same spotify version as me.  Connects without issues.  so its apple who need to sort it.  and you cant rollback through itunes anymore



Same here. Since upgrade to iOS 11.2.5 my iPhone 8 Plus won't connect via bluetooth to iDrive. Sometimes, when I re-pair the devices it works. But the next time I start the car the problem is there again. Very annoying.

yeah I thought I'd fixed it last week by unpairing, rebooting the phone and pairing and it connected, then the next day nope.  So frustrating. At least its not just me so its gotta be Apple


Im hoping Apple sort it in the next release but havent been able to find out anything about that 

iOS 11.2.6 is now available and it seems it did the trick. Until now it worked for me every startup. 

excellent news, i updated yesterday too but didnt get chance to try til late last night, connected straight away! fingers crossed it works agan today

iOS 11.2.6 also solved the issue for me.

I have 11.2.6 on my iPhone 8Plus, and when I plug in my phone, my Spotify still doesn’t automatically pop up. My apps are all up to date, I just sit there waiting and it doesn’t show up anymore.

I have exactly the same problem. Spotify just doesn't show up anymore out of nothing... This post is open for two months now and still no solution? That's THE basic feature of the Spotify integration...

I know its not helpful as I assume you already are running it, but I updated to 11.2.6 and it seemed to solve my issue for now....I still have the occassional time it wont connect 


its really frustrating, i hope theres a proper solution soon

I've been calling BMW Connected Drive Hotline three times and they couldn't really help me.

But like an hour ago I saw that there's an update to iOS 11.3. So I updated and it did the trick.

For some reason it works now. 



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