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trouble to change to Sonos speakers

trouble to change to Sonos speakers

I often have trouble choosing some of my Sonos speakers
when I connect to new device/sound source in my Spotify app.

I have Spotify Premium
They are gray-colored. See attached picture.
This problem I never have via my Ipad or
Macbook. If it's gray in my Iphone and I choose to start the music via my Ipad
Then the devices will not be grayed out anymore when the music starts and I can choose new audio source via my Iphone if I want to.
This problem happens regularly but not every time I listen to music,
Everything is connected to the same wifi network.
My Iphone is an Iphone 8 with latest iOS and latest version of Sonos
and the speakers also have the latest update.
My Ipad Pro has the latest iOS and latest version of Sonos

Grateful for help

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Hi there,


I know you've said you're connected to your wifi... but this seems to imply you're not on the same WiFi network. Try turning off your celular data - so you're 100% sure you're on the WiFi network (just to check). Also, make sure you're not accidentally on a neighbours network (in crowded areas like appartments this can happen).

And sometimes, depending on how your network is setup, you may be connected via a Wirless extender (for instance if you're in a large house and need to extend your Wireless signal). Sometimes Sonos doesn't like Wireless extenders.


So, what you're on your iPad (?) you can ALWAYS connect to your Sonos?




Thanks for your answer

I have tried to switch off mobile data
and the problem is the same. I have good wifi coverage
and does not use any extenders of any kind.
My Ipad has is also mobile data without hassle
with the contact with Spotify.
It's just my Iphone I have this problem with
Everything works well on my ipad and on my Macbook.


The simplest description of how the problem is experienced is
that my Iphone and or Spotify App are not
can "awaken" Sonos products, but when my Macbook
or Ipad made it work perfectly even from my Iphone ....


best regards

hi Martin,


Thanks for the answer. Hmmm.. Is the Sonos app on all machines updated? Are you running the latest Spotify app on all devices? Or are some running older versions?




I have the latest version of IOS, MacOS, Spotify app, Sonos app and Sonos OS on the speakers


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