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Get web player to work when flash is click to play

The latest firefox, and my chrome at work have now made flash "click to play" due to the numerous security issues with flash.


However, Spotify web player requires flash to run. When flash is set to "click to play" the web player complains that flash is not installed and shows a dialog requesting you install flash.


I found this work around:

1. from developer tools, find an object named "player.swf"

2. this object has width and height set to 1. Change this to 100 for both.

3. you should now see a large flash box in the top left hand corner of the screen.

4. you can right click and run flash from this box.

5. also, right click the dialog box, and choose inspect element. 

6. edit the display: block to display: hidden. This should hide the dialog box that asks you install flash.


spotify web player should now run fine.


This is a temporary solution though. You have to do it every time you login or refresh the page, which is a huge pain.

Flash should not be required for the web player. Google play music does not require it, for example.


Spotify, you need to fix this. Flash will increasingly be disabled in browsers or made click to play before being deprecated.



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