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Spotfiy Fails to connect with Google Chromecast Audio

My wife & I are both Spotify premium subscribers. We both have iphones and all of the software is up to date (iOS, Spotify app, Google Chromecast app).

We recently bought a Google Chromecast Audio. Seemed a great way to bring my old Hi-fi into the digital era.

Anyway, it would be, if it worked. Most of the time it does not:

1. you start a song

2. Select the song playing at the bottom showing text "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

3. When the song playing fills the screen, select "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

4. Select Chromecast Audio

6. A "Beep" sounds on the Hi-Fi

7. Nothing. It says "connecting" but nothing happens and then it goes back to "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

8. Meantime, no other music can be selected.

9. Repeat 1 - 7 ad nauseum until you feel like throwing the phone off the wall, nothing happoens on either of our phones.


BUT here is teh thing: go to TuneIn Radio & it works perfectly every single time.


I already exchanged one Chromecast Audio thinking it was the problem. But on 2 iphones & an ipad, same problem and only with Spotify. Please fix ASAP as this is exactly the kind of capability that would keep my wife & I subscribing.


Who Me Too'd this topic