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Can't Sync local files from PC to Phone

Casual Listener

I have lots of songs on my computer which are not on Spotify it's self. So I imported them. I have all of my local files in a playlist called "Saved". I have configured all of my firewall settings, allowing all spotify.exe's to get through. I have the "Download" option ticked on both my PC and Phone. I've tried reinstalling on both devices and neither worked and when I uninstalled from my phone, other local files from my PC which had been previously downloaded were not downloaded again! 


I have previously been able to sync local files from PC to my phone, but something recent has stopped it from being possible, hence my comment about previously downloaded local files not being downloaded again. Both devices have been restarted multiple times and a wide array of offline mode and app closing combinations were tried and still nothing. I managed to break the app a little and put some of my local files into the "Songs" section which I don't think should be possible but oh well... On my phone, these songs are all grayed out and don't even have the grayed out download button which normal, non-downloaded songs have. Also forgot to mention both devices are on my 5G wireless network so that's not a problem.


Does anyone know how to sync these local files or is it not possible anymore?


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