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Can't Control Spotify App when Connected to Car - Might have to cancel and find a new service?

Hey all,


Love Spotify, but I have an issue in my car that's rendering it almost unusable. I have a Kenmore KDC-X302 stereo and when Spotify connects over Bluetooth, it goes to a screen showing nothing but a large Spotify logo with a black background - no controls, no nothing.


I assume this means it thinks my stereo is capable of fully controlling Spotify, but, well, it isn't. I can skip tracks, but being left unable to navigate playlists and artists is, quite frankly, a total dealbreaker.


To be honest, I can't imagine a scenario where this total loss of functionality on the app side would actually add any **bleep** - is there any way to disable this "feature"? 


If not, I don't really think there's anything I can do - this has made Spotify completely useless for me in the car.

Who Me Too'd this topic