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Can't Control Spotify App when Connected to Car - Might have to cancel and find a new service?

Can't Control Spotify App when Connected to Car - Might have to cancel and find a new service?

Hey all,


Love Spotify, but I have an issue in my car that's rendering it almost unusable. I have a Kenmore KDC-X302 stereo and when Spotify connects over Bluetooth, it goes to a screen showing nothing but a large Spotify logo with a black background - no controls, no nothing.


I assume this means it thinks my stereo is capable of fully controlling Spotify, but, well, it isn't. I can skip tracks, but being left unable to navigate playlists and artists is, quite frankly, a total dealbreaker.


To be honest, I can't imagine a scenario where this total loss of functionality on the app side would actually add any **bleep** - is there any way to disable this "feature"? 


If not, I don't really think there's anything I can do - this has made Spotify completely useless for me in the car.

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I too am having this issue and would like to know why!!!

Okay!!! I just went out there and messed with it. My radio has three different Inputs, Spotify, Bluetooth Audio (BT AUD), and IPhone Audio.


in order for me to get Spotify to work so I can control it from my phone, I had to make sure my app was already open, then have it connect to the BT Audio, not Spotify input. When I first got in my car, the radio was trying to choose Spotify input as the default, so I had to change it to Bluetooth Audio instead. I  don’t know if that’ll work on your radio too but I hope it helps. I just spent 20 minute figuring it out. 

I have this same problem! This really sucks. I hate you Spotify, I hate you!

I figured it out with my stereo. I can’t use the Spotify setting on the stereo itself - that overrides the app. I have to just use Bluetooth in on the stereo and I can now control it. Maybe try that?

Thanks so much for the Trouble shoot! Just put a brand new car stereo system in my car and was freaking out that I might have the same issue but your tip worked! Thanks 

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