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Issues with Amazon Echo Multiroom and Spotify...

Casual Listener

I have five Amazon Echoes in my home, with Spotify as my default music player, and all five Echoes are in a multiroom group ("Everywhere").


I have a strange issue where using Alexa voice commands to initiate multiroom playback ("Alexa, play suchandsuch playlist everywhere") only works correctly (i.e., plays out of all 5 Echoes) when spoken to one out of the 5 Echoes.  For the other four Echoes, if I speak the command to one of them, music does start playing, but from every Echo in the group except the one I spoke the command to.  


Each Echo works perfectly fine when used individually, and using Spotify Connect from a smartphone works perfectly as well with the group.


I even experimented with create different groupings of Echoes, and it seems like in any given group, only one Echo can correctly start audio using voice commands.


Anyone else experience this?

Who Me Too'd this topic