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Questions about Spotify for artists

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So, i made some music and was thinking on uploading them in Spotify but the info is a little bit confusing.


If I am right, you can´t upload music if it is not trough a distributor. Is there any other way as an independat starting musician to upload them without that?


I read in the FAQ that musicians get paid for each stream of their songs but then i read that once a user listens to "my music" once in a 28 days period it won´t account for more than that: one time. Is this right? If someone listens to one of my songs several days in the 28 period I only get paid for one time? Does this applies to all my songs, or it accounts for each song-I mean: he listens to 10 of my songs in different days of that period and I only get paid for one of the songs and only one time for that period? Maybe I am getting it wrong and it all refers to the stats...


What about listeners with familiy accounts? If one of the users of that account listens to one of my songs, will that tagg the whole account as listener for one stream regardless the times or number of songs that family plays them?


I have also read that payments do not reach musicians until maybe three or more months later. Does this depend on the distributor or from Spotify?


Also, I think the information of Spotify for artists is a little bit short. Maybe a longer guide would be nice.


Thanks in advance

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