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Web player only plays song for 9 seconds






Lenovo ThinkPad T460

Operating System

Windows 10 version 1709


My Question or Issue

Hello. I'm dealing with a frustrating issue using the web player in Chrome. When I play a song, it will play the first 9 seconds, then switch to another song, then play only the first 9 seconds of that song, and then the music stops completely. After the music stops, this error message pops up: "Oooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload". I was doing some research online and have not been able to find a solution for this issue. I did see in the community here that there were multiple users having this same issue in September. However, that was supposedly resolved.

I am using the most current version of Chrome. I have cleared out my browser cache and history. It still does not work. I am experiencing this issue on my laptop in an office environment. I suspected that maybe my company's firewall may be blocking spotify from playing music. However, that is not the case because my coworkers can listen to spotify using the web player without issue. Installing the spotify app is not an option because we are not allowed to load additional applications on to our work devices.

Can someone please help me find a solution to this issue? I like to listen to music at work and I prefer spotify. However, I've had to use Pandora lately because spotify doesn't work.

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