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Google Family Link with Spotify Family

My post is about linking google family link kids accounts to individual spotify family account.  (spotify support told me I should contact google for thisbut perhaps some where already solve this?)



I'm using:

*  Google Family Link with three <13 year old kids. Each has their own supervised family link account.

*  Spotify Family Pack, where each kid has their own spotify premium account. 

*  3 Google Home Mini device per kid and one 'downstairs' for everyone




I would like to link each individual spotify account to my kids google account. The same way I was able to when setting up my account in google assistant/home. 


Is this impossible due to the restrictions of family link? If so, this would greatly reduce the usability of the tool, since I'd want every kids to have their own home mini with their own spotify music.


Hope someone can help me?


Who Me Too'd this topic