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Google Family Link with Spotify Family

Google Family Link with Spotify Family

My post is about linking google family link kids accounts to individual spotify family account.  (spotify support told me I should contact google for thisbut perhaps some where already solve this?)



I'm using:

*  Google Family Link with three <13 year old kids. Each has their own supervised family link account.

*  Spotify Family Pack, where each kid has their own spotify premium account. 

*  3 Google Home Mini device per kid and one 'downstairs' for everyone




I would like to link each individual spotify account to my kids google account. The same way I was able to when setting up my account in google assistant/home. 


Is this impossible due to the restrictions of family link? If so, this would greatly reduce the usability of the tool, since I'd want every kids to have their own home mini with their own spotify music.


Hope someone can help me?


8 Replies

I have the same issue.  I would love to hear what people have done to get this working.  I have two kids with <13 google accounts and spotify accounts.  I'm unable to link their GHMs to their spotify accounts.  So eventually they are both going to want to be in their rooms listening to music.

I have the same question and problem. I hope someone has some advice on how to make this work.

Hey @wicks_10 @damstim @scbadgers97,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this on the Community, and apologies for the delayed reply!


The best place to find the answer to this and other questions relating to the Google Family Link feature is the Google For Families Help Site here.


We just also wanted to make you aware of the age requirements that exist for using Spotify. For more information on this, please head over to this page and check under "Introduction".

Hope that helps! Let us know how you get on and if you manage to get the answers to your questions 🙂


4 hours spent last night and several hours before that and I have come to the conclusion that either I have to un-family link their accounts, or they are going to be stealing my spotify whenever they play a song on their speakers in their rooms.  The other problem is the speakers will steal spotify from each other.  Imagine two children in rooms next door to each other telling google to play whatever song over and over again.  Of course it is not the same song--that would be too easy 🙂  They can however log into spotify and then cast to their device....... but it takes away the google assistant part.

I have been struggling with this as well. Got the wife and I setup to use our own Spotify/Voice no problem - but the two kids that are managed via Google Family Link are troublesome. The irony is that they gave away a Google Mini to us Spotify Family. I wonder if anyone actually tried to set this up in the real world before they sold it this way. 


My last hope is to see if I can install Google Home on a chromebook and link spotify to the kids accounts there. I tried changing users in Google Home to the kids accounts but it says "they can't log in here". 


What a pain.

yeah, logged in the the google account (that is monitored via Family Link) on a chromebook. Installed Google Home. It has limited options since the person is not an offical member on the home. Google Home won't let me add the account either. So yeah, basically there is no way to use google assistant to let them steram music from their own Spotify account. This greatly limits the usefullness of spotify Family. 

Ran into the same issue. Has someone tried to get this setup working with a Google Play Music Family account?

@amnesiac125 wrote:

Ran into the same issue. Has someone tried to get this setup working with a Google Play Music Family account?

Same issue as well and I too am wondering about the Google Play Music Family account.

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