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Spotify Bluetooth controls and Metadata JVC Car Stereo







Google Pixel 2 XL

Operating System

Android Pie 9.0


My Question or Issue

 Hi there, so I would like to report a bug in the newest update to the Google Play store app, essentially the problem is as follows:


Yesterday I was able to turn on my car with my phone in my pocket, have it connect to bluetooth and begin playing music, as well as bringing up the song name, and have active controls. This morning , it would not work in the specific Spotify bluetooth mode whatsoever, just saying "connecting". Setting it to bluetooth device mode, allows me to control the music from spotify, with some disadvantages. Upon checking out the phone side of things, after multiple reboots, re-pairings etc, I noticed that there was an auto update overnight last night. 


Confirming my suspicion that the update had somehow messed up the feature, I uninstalled my app, downloaded an older .apk from Nov 13th and tried that. Works like a charm, so somewhere in the newest update, it has messed up something that communicates with the car audio.



last nights update stops the controls from my JVC car audio, as well as metadata from showing up


Thanks for any help you might be able to give on the matter, and hopefully this can get fixed soon



Who Me Too'd this topic