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Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative







iPhone 6, Macbook Pro late 2015

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iOS 12, MacOS Mojave


My Question or Issue

Hello Spotify,


I just went through my 2018 Wrapped overview, however I am pretty dissatisfied with the "most listened songs"-playlist. Here's an overview of my situation:

It states I've listened to Spotify for a total of 19,443 minutes (324 hours) and that I listened to my favorite band (The National) for 202 hours. Now this I was expecting, since I barely listen anything else but them, looping through most of their albums most of the time. The "most listened songs" - playlist however features an awful lot of music I'm pretty sure I only listened a very few times in the past year and barely any The National songs. Also, the top songs mentioned on the Wrapped website (which I expected) were not to be found in that order in the playlist.

Did something go wrong in the algorithm, or does the algorithm prefer a variety of artists rather than the actual "most listened songs"? Is there any way to get an actual "most listened songs" playlist?


Thanks in advance,

Bram, a huge Spotify enthousiast!

Who Me Too'd this topic