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Can't Sort Saved Songs by Artist Anymore - Please Help

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One of the most often used features by myself (and I assume others) was to view all of my saved songs by artist.  This was my go-to way to listen to music.  I would get a list of all the artists for which I have saved songs, then I select an artist an I see my saved songs and I can play a song.  However, as of Feb 2019, my Spotify app got updated and this very useful feature appears to have disappeared!  I can no longer see a list of artists and my saved songs under them.  All of my saved songs are now in one giant playlist called "Favorites".    This is ridiculous and there is no easy way to sort them.  There is an "artist list" where I can add an artist, but then I just get all of their songs, not my selected save songs.   Basically I want to view by artist all of my saved songs.  Sounds simple.  I can't be the only one experiencing this.  Does someone have a solution or is this just a shitty change that Spotify decided to make?  Thanks!









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