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Xbox One Error loading / logging in

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Xbox One S - OS 10.0.18362.2018


Hi, I'm having trouble launching the Spotify app on my Xbox One S. Worked until 2 days ago, since then it only shows the Spotify logo with the text "Error" underneath upon launch.

I've tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling - restarting console - installing, uninstalling - hard resetting the console - installing, nothing works. If I restart between uninstalling and installing I can get to the login screen, however, that screen gets stuck regardless of the login method I choose - the PIN login just gets stuck showing the PIN, username & password just grays out the "LOG IN" button. 

Playing via Spotify Connect from my iPhone or playing directly from the Xbox home screen via the small app works, just launching the full app is not working.

All my other devices like my iPhone, iPad, Mac, they work fine.

Who Me Too'd this topic