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New iOS update June 2019







(iPhone X)

Operating System

(iOS 12)


My Question or Issue

I’ve been using Spotify since the time it was invite only, around 2008. I have a ton of playlists and my main list is nearly 5000 tracks, which I’ve been adding songs to since I first got Spotify. The playlist is literally over a decade old. And ever since the first commercial, I’ve been paying for Premium.


- After the latest update, I’m seriously considering walking away from Spotify. It’s gonna suck to begin with, but you know what sucks even more? THE LATEST UPDATE!

I’m beyond anger, like...WHY would you remove “Recently played” COMPLETELTY?! AND AS IF THAT WASNT ENOUGH - I have over 70 playlists, all titled a certain way, for the only purpose of sorting them alphabetically, so that every single one of them is in the RIGHT ORDER. Now it’s not sorted by the name of the playlists, artists, date, NOTHING - it’s all just a big **bleep**ing mess. WITH MY FAVORITE PLAYLISTS ALL OVER THE FUXKING**bleep**. Needle in a haystack, to put it simply. 

Who gives**bleep** about “Liked tracks”, the “artists” and “albums” column from “Saved”.... I’m **bleep**ing **bleep** off guys...


Mark my words, undo it, or at least make it an option, or I WILL leave this sinking ship within a couple of weeks. And you better understand I’m not the only one either.

I’m all for **bleep** up and trying out new stuff and **bleep**, but you just made my life harder with this update, and consideringen the amount of time I use Spotify - that’s even an understatement. 

Im **bleep**ing furious; if my post didn’t make that clear

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