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NO URL change for Spotify Web Player (Chrome)





United States



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Google Chrome


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I am a frequent user of the Spotify Web player, and it used to be that whenever I clicked on a new playlist, artist, album, or what have you, the URL would change and I could use the back button to retrace my steps. For example, I would be on the Spotify Web home page, I would choose a playlist and the URL would change, I would click on an artist's name to bring up their page and the URL would change, I would click on an album of theirs and the URL would change, and then I could use my back button to return to the artist's page. Now, I cannot use the back button and retrace my steps like this since the URL doesn't change, and to do so, I would have to click back on the artist's name. The entry on the History page is only listed once, even if I have visited several pages within the Spotify Web Player. Is this part of an update, and is there any way to change this?

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