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Artists and Albums not loading Offline

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iPhone 8


Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue


For over a week now, none of my downloaded artists or albums are showing up while offline. All songs saved to a playlist are able to play, but I can't listen to, or search for, any other song/artist/album not in a playlist. It just displays a black screen. This issue is making my premium subscription useless. I do expect some kind of resolution for this problem. If not, I will be forced to cancel my subscription, which is also connected to Hulu. It may not look good for Spotify if I tell Hulu I'm canceling my service because their business partner can't take care of their subscribers.


I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my app, deleted my cache,  and double checked that my subscription hasn't been canceled. None of these have worked!! Please Help!



Who Me Too'd this topic