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Hello. I've been a Premium User for nearly three years now and a couple of days ago I noticed a kind of bug it seems on my Galaxy s10+, when I play a song it does but when I change to artist or another song, the one that was playing stays the same in every singer, album or song. Song time displays 1530 and some seconds, search button is stuck at the end of every song. I already restarted my phone, I already signed out and in again and the problem persists. I recently uploaded a single to Spotify through my music distributor. Artist name, song and info already appear everywhere I am signed into but I am still waiting for the access to my Artist Profile to be enabled. Is there any chance the problem is on what I mentioned before about waiting to get access to my artist profile and verified? I'd doubt such thing since my user profile wouldn't have to interfere with the other one.  The screenshot I am attaching shows that only my artist name, my single and my artwork show in all songs I select for listening. any suggestion will be appreciated.

Who Me Too'd this topic