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Casted to Chromecast plays/pauses the audio intermittendy

Since Spotify app is updated to casting to Chromecast will play/pause audio intermittend afer 2 minutes or so. The audio then shorty stops and resumes. On the Spotify app the play/pause icon toggles constantly and audio is interupted. It will continue like this until Spotyfy app on Chromecast is terminated.

After recasting Spotifyto the Chromecast the audio is fine for about 2 minutes and then the issues repeats.



Happens with Samsung A51, Motorola G5 and OnePlus 7 phone.


Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

I already reinstalled Spotify app on the devices and have reset the Chromecase to the factory settings. No resolution. The issue persists.

I checked if the screensave on the phone or energy settings would be causing th eproblem. But even with setting prioritizing Spotify to always run in the background and disabling the screen saver the issue persists.


-> Anyone having the same issue ?

Who Me Too'd this topic