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Spotify looses connection with my Google Home group very often.

Hello, my home is setup with Google Home and Chromecast. I play my Spotify songs on all devices, including also a Sonos Play5 in my bedroom that doesnt want to group up with the rest sadly.

When playing songs, a playlist, from spotify to my "Appartment" group, that incluses a  Google Nest, Google Hub and a Google TV Chromecast, after a while or songs, its stops playing and you see on the TV that its looking to play, like its buffing, but it never plays. I have to restart the apps, or press STOP and resume, or go back and resume, to make the tracks play again.  Its been doing this for a long while now, loosing something, not the connection, because they are all active, but it stops playing and it buffs for EVER...

Its really annoying. Is there a solution? 

Monteal Canada,
Macbook Pro 16, 2019, master Spotify app, when im choosing the songs.
Videotron 140mbs/download service with a 5G router ZyXel Corp.
Google Hub
Google Nest 2nd Gen
Google TV + Chromecast Next Gen
Sharp Roku TV 

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Who Me Too'd this topic