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Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

So I've had this issue for a while. If you take a look at the picture, you can see that when I'm on my homepage, the first thing that pops up is the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast.

First of all. I do not listen to podcasts and not plan on ever doing this. However, all I see on my homepage on my phone and iPad are podcasts. The first tab is "your shows" (on my pc I see this podcast as the first one and other random podcasts that are recommended). I listened to this podcast for literally 2 seconds, because I was curious what it was. Now, after 3 months, I still see this podcast as the first thing on my homepage.


My first question to the support team is, why is there not a way to customize your homepage? Literally all I have are random podcasts on my homepage. I have Spotify for music and not for podcasts, so I would like to add my own tabs, like for instance a genre and playlists.

I get that you guys have this layout for the homepage to recommend more artists to more people, but like please, let someone decide for themself whether they want certain catagories of music or podcasts on their homepage or not. For instance, with YouTube, on your own channel page, you can add and remove catagories like "most watched" and "most recently uploaded". On Spotify there is not a single customisation you can do to your homepage. Why is that?


Now what I'm mainly here for:

I have tried everything to remove the podcast. Next to the show there's a button to add more podcasts. When I add random podcasts, I can also remove those. However. With the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast, I can add it, even though it's already for some reason and when I remove it, it stays there. I do literally the same thing as I do with random podcasts, but this one doesn't go away. I tried selecting everything as 'finished listening to' and doing the same as above, but that doesn't work. Selecting everything as not listened to also doesn't work. 

HOW do I remove this podcast? I've tried literally everything.

Who Me Too'd this topic