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Spotify Always Downloading






Samsung Z Fold 3

Operating System

Android 12


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This is an ongoing issue and is very annoying. Whenever I open Spotify on my mobile, I get the notification of "downloading # out of # (93% complete)" or something along that. The percentage always changes as does the number of songs it is trying to download. I cannot see what it is trying to download to see if something is up with the song or playlist or what. I will turn of wifi and have mobile data on and change the setting to allow downloads over data...and it still doesnt fix it. I have given spotify access and permissions to everything. The only time I can get it to go away is if I clear the cache. But as soon as I open Spotify it does it again. This issue is not only an eye sore of a notification, but makes me nervous that it's draining battery life and whatnot.


I have tried in the past to Uninstall and reinstall, but that doesn't always fix it. Plus, I have over 30GB downloaded and would prefer not to have to always reinstall the app and re-download all them songs. What can I do to fix the constant "downloading songs" notification?


The downloading seems to be a constant loop that never finishes. As you can see from the pictures, I screenshotted 11mins apart and the downloading notification is the same. No more songs were downloaded in that span. Which seems to indicate something is broken between Spotify and android.

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