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Switching from Android but was unaware of Equalizer loss

I am a big fan of Spotify on Android. I recently switched to the iPhone 5S and there is no equalizer. The music is very flat sounding without it. Doesn't matter how nice your headphones are if you can't control EQ! I'd like to stay with Spotify but I'll need to switch to RDIO or Google Play when it comes out if we can't get Spotify updated. I know a lot of people are in the same boat here so please don't just link me to the other slightly similar question that has already been asked. 


3 Questions:


1. Is there a stock equalizer that is applied to all music in the Spotify iOS App?


2. Is there a bright shining day I can look forward to where we have an equalizer?


3. Is Apple preventing the equalizer implementation? I can focus my lobbying towards them if that is the case. 


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Who Me Too'd this topic