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Randomly autoplaying when unlocking phone/entering app, and or playing from licked songs.(BUG)



Country. U.S.A


Device: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Operating System

Android 13

One UI version: 5.1

App version:


My Question or Issue: ALL AUTOPLAY ANYTHING SETTING OPTIONS ARE TURNED OFF. ("Gapless", "Automix", "Autoplay similar content")

  • I will already be playing a playlist and upon unlocking my phone or entering the app, it'll just switch to playing  my "liked songs" library. Even if I have my music paused to do something then go into the app, press play in my current playlist it'll then sometimes, quite often actually switch to liked songs. I'll be playing a playlist, hopp into my car, select a different playlist, press play, it'll play half a second of a song then swap over to liked songs. Again with all autoplay  settings turned off. Sometimes I'll unlock my phone not even in the app, it'll just start playing. Anytime I go into the app it'll start playing. While we're at it let's also get rid of smart shuffle. The community has been irritated about it for long enough. Nobody wants it. Nobody asked for it. For the love of christ just listen. It is not innovative I promise, it's annoying.


Who Me Too'd this topic