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Spotify uses excessive Cellular Date over Wifi



I have recently signed up for Spotify premium in order to stream my favorite albums, instead of having to sync them to my iPhone 5. I have noticed that while streaming music on my iPhone, while connected to Wifi, Spotify is still using my cellular data.. I have a 3 gigabit plan and I have already gone over an extra 3 gigabits, which has never happened as I barely go over a gigabit per month in the 6 years I have used iPhones and streaming music services. I rarely use spotify on my cellular network, as I do not like paying extra on my phone bill due to money constraints, these times are tough.

As you can see in the screenshots below, I have already used 919 MB with Spotify after 5 p.m. Yesterday. I got off of work at 5 p.m. and I was home the entire time on my Wifi network. Even if my Wifi was down, which it wasn't as I was playing a single game of Minecraft on xbox live the whole night until 1 a.m. Without disconnections, how can playing 5 songs, through the night, and one album, before I go to bed, use so much data? I looked into my settings and I am also using the low quality files: 96 Kbps Ogg format.


How does this make sense:

96 Kbps in Ogg format

.72 MB/minute

919MB in data usage in 14 hours 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. (When I woke up to the extra charges)

919 divided by .72 = 1,276.388888... 

divide that by 60 minutes to get hours

21.273 hours of streaming 


For further research:

160 Kbps = 12 hours of straight streaming

320 Kbps (Extreme)= 6 hours of straight streaming



photo 2.PNG


photo 3.PNG

768 MB in one hour? on my way to work...


photo 4.PNG

photo 1.PNG 


There is seriously something wrong with the Spotify app using my data while on Wifi. This has given me $30 in charges in the past few days. My first thought was to contact AT&T in order to get an explanation, until I looked at how much data Spotify is using. I cannot sort my recently listened songs by a date and time so I cannot do any further research. This is up to the Spotify team to determine, as they have the data on file. I have looked all over the website and app for a direct communications operation but I am only directed to a FAQ and these forums. I will not continue using a premium account for such a headache. Please assist me as I would like to use this service. Reimbursement is logical, but AT&T is not responsible for these issues. Spotify is. 


Thank you,


Shawn Crawford

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