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No response from Spotify-Support

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Update: Problem solved! .. Thank´s!! (Support came back to me a day after I wrote the message!)



Hej there,


for already three weeks I have problems with my spotify. I´m paying for premium, but my premiund -and also my playlists- are gone. I know, there´s already a thread for it.. and believe me, I tried everything. So the last step is to fill in the contact form to get some personal help. HOWEVER, there´s the problem. I already send 3 requests to spotify, always stating my problem an offering sending them a screenshot of my payment for premium, to get it back as soon as possible (in the end I don´t wanna pay for anything i can´t use!).

And I´m just getting no answers at all! 😞

I´m really desperate now.. really, I love spotify and I want to be able to listen to it offline and on my phon again.. (as already said, especially since i´m still paying for it!)

Here´s my reference numbers of the e-mails so far.. in case someone from spotify is reading this:

Fall # 01299505

Fall # 01282579

Fall # 01275907


Btw, I´m German so please don´t heasitate to answer in German. I just wrote in English as I´m not sure who´s responsible for that stuff.. the german or the international office.


Hoping for some fast help!

Best Regards



Who Me Too'd this topic