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v1.0.0.82 repeatedly attempts to reload my lists, then hangs


Ever since I updated to Spotify this morning, I can't get the app to work properly on my Samsung Galaxy S5.  I am running Android 4.4.2.  I have plenty of available storage on both my phone and my SD card.


The app works correctly as long as I am on Spotify's Search, Browse, Discover, Radio, or Settings sections.  The problem is when I try to open the "Your Music" section.  Regardless of whether I am on the Songs, Albums, Artists, or Playlists tab of that section, what happens is that I see my lists appear, and the album art icons load, but after about 5 seconds, the list disappears, with all the album art also disappearing, and then it attempts to reload.  This process repeats several times until the app finally hangs.


Sometimes it hangs long enough that my phone asks if I want to shut down the unresponsive app, and other times it just goes back into this repeating cycle of loading my lists and reloading them.  I can get this to stop if I am quick enough to switch to one of the other sections and get out of the Your Music section.


The Spotify app was working fine before this update.


I've tried all the troubleshooting steps in the sticky, though I couldn't find the data folder that it said to delete, on either my phone or the SD card.  I've unistalled and reinstalled the app a few times, after clearing the cache and data. I also tried using the "Delete cache and saved data" function from within Spotify's settings (as opposed to using my phone's application manager as instructed in the sticky), but I just see the message, "We're deleting your data.  Shouldn't be too long..." and it just hangs there and never finishes deleting the data.


It's acting as if the app is having trouble reading and/or writing data that is getting stored to my phone, but I'm not sure if that's really the issue.


Any suggestions?

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