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iOS app temporarily hangs when app switching

Switching away from and back to the Spotify app causes it to freeze up of the interface for about 5-6 seconds each time.

1. Open Spotify on iPhone
2. Goto a large playlist and play a track
3. Double tap the home screen button and switch to another iOS app.
4. Double tap and get back your Spotify app
5. Try interacting with the app.
7. Notice the buttons and UI are initially locked up as if the app is hanging for about 5 seconds. After waiting the app will eventually kick in and begin responding to your actions. If you had touched anything while everything was frozen, you may also then notice those actions firing after the hanging ends. Strange and super annoying for anyone trying to multitask.

Expected behavior: app should not hang or freeze when moving away and back into it.

My iPad/iPhone model
iPhone 5C running iOS 7.

Is your device jailbroken?

Approximately how many playlists do you have?
about 20 playlists, Only starred playlist is offline cached

My provider and country

Spotify app

My username
Who Me Too'd this topic