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[Android 4.4.2+]Cache on external SD card is possible

It seems a lot of folk running android 4.4.2+ have had trouble getting spotify to use an external SD card for its cache. I just bought a card for my android so I thought I'd give it a try and it worked!


My mobile

  • Samsung Galagy Note 3 - android 4.4.2
  • Samsung 64GB SDXC UHS-1 card
  • Spotify

Steps I took

  • Cleared spotify cache from options
  • Uninstalled spotify
  • Inserted SD card
  • Used file explorer to delete residual folder \android\data\ in internal storage (also delete the folder if it exists)
  • Installed spotify music
  • Played some tracks

I still see a folder in internal storage but it's empty now.


If you have previously been using spotify with an external SD card, I recommend that, in addition to the steps above, you reformat the card in the phone before reinstalling spotify music.

Who Me Too'd this topic