30 minutes of ad-free music not working

30 minutes of ad-free music not working

I've been experiencing a lot of this recently, the 30 minute ad-free video or recording will play, but more ads will still come up after a few songs. This doesn't happen every time, but it does happen often enough where it would happen a few times a day if I'm playing non-stop while working, and its frustrating. I'm not sure if other people are still experiencing this, but I would like the issue to get resolved in the near future, especially since I read online by spotify that it was already fixed previously.

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Hey @HyperionCCC!


That doesn't sound good. Did the app crash at any point during the 30 minutes? That can cause the ad-free time to reset. Also, did you definitely watch the video ad that grants you 30 minutes ad-free listening in full after hearing the offer?

Keep us posted!

I'm not even getting the "click the video for thirty minutes of ad-free music" anymore. Just constant ads every few songs

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