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30 minutes of ad free music?

30 minutes of ad free music?

I timed the music after the commercials that say 30 minutes of ad free music and all that I got was 16 minutes, does anyone else realize this, I want to complain to Spotify but don't know how
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Did you change your playlist at any time during the 30 minute break?  I noticed mine resets if I am listening to 1 playlist click the 30 min pass then switch to a diff playlist.  

I get exactly that same 14-17 minute range. I have complained to their online chat. They say "they have their technicians working on it". But judging by the date of your post and today's date (2017) this is probably not really true unfortunately.

2 years on I have same issue, glad not the only one it's annoying to say the least

I believe this only applies listening to the same non-stop playlist. If you skip through songs in the playlist, or switch playlists, the ad's will come much quicker. 

I usually listen on shuffle + repeat to my saved song list; no skipping around. I believe I've noticed it with playlists too (which I also don't tend to skip around) however I haven't done a formal timed test.

i had this problem still in 2022 i am going to send so many emails to spotify about it

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