Account hacking.

Hi spotify users and spotify, 


I have noticed that some of the users have been getting their spotify account hacked. I wonder how easy it is,  given quite the amount of hacking threads I've seen here, to hack a spotify account? Our details, although our bank card numbers are partially x-ed out, is still vulnerable. It is connected to a real life bank account with money inside. I hope spotify will take this far more seriously as i am really concerned about the safety of my details with spotify.


What then of your spotify users that have contributed their money to you but having their account hacked without so much as a notice of which ipad/android/computer that they are logged into? When they dont even know when their account is logged in by another and being used. People riding on our subscriptions and creating new playlists which to be fair is annoying as i consider my spotify account to be personal and filled only with the music I like.


I did not receive a notification i was logged into another device. I did not know my account was being used until i saw a new device on my phone along with a new playlist. How am i to be sure that my account is secure? I still feel it is unfair for a person who had not paid for my spotify premium to be able to use MY spotify premium. A family premium at that too. Spotify should do more to protect its users against such hackers especially given the fact this is our bank account and our money at stake. 

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I agree, not that I don't like Spotify, I'm happy with it. But the issue is that we have poor security system. What if someone hacks your account? No way to contact them. No phone (at least in Spain), nothing.

There is an enormous amount of users paying for a service that doesn't ensure that your money, therefore, bank account is secure in their database.

A lot of platforms are using the security system with the phone number, which is more secure (Steam, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I think Spotify can handle it too.

I am happy with it apparently contacting them through tweeting @spotifycares helps them get back to me. They are currently suggesting my acc is not compromised but i am on a private home network you see so it cannot be that some wifi connected device appeared when i have never ever had an apple device connected to my home network. So what's going on? Because there's even a new playlist and everything.

Wow now they cancelled my family subscription without me cancelling it. What?

@xdonete they have replied to all my concerns so far. And resecured my account. I hope that they have handled yours as well.

So you recommend me tweeting them?

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