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Account has Thrown me out - can't log back in

Account has Thrown me out - can't log back in

My account has thrown me out and asked me to log back in. When I put in my log in details (which I know are 100% correct) it doesn't accept my log in and says there is no account that matches that username and password. Therefore, I tried to reset my password but low and behold, spotify does not recognise my email address which I have used since I first set up my account in 2009!!! I'm completely stuck now and frozen out, I have a monthly subscription I pay aswell and I do not want this to continue if I am permanently frozen out or if someone has hacked me :(( My account is cooljay123 - I have had to set up a new account which is this one i am on now. Please can you tell me if you can get me back into the account or, if you can't, please unsubscribe me and I will start again with this account, however, I will be heartbroken as i will lose all my playlists which I have spent literally years making. I look forward to a response, thanks. Jason
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Your account might have been compromised. Chat with @SpotifyCares on twitter. They can help you regain access to your account.

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