Lost access to email, now can't close account

Lost access to email, now can't close account


Family Premium Account


New Zealand




Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have lost access to my email address following it being hacked. And I believe my spotify account was hacked aswell through that email address and the password has been changed. Anyways I cannot go 'forgot my password' as I cannot reach those sent emails. This account is the one 'master' account for the family plan my family is on, and I would like to shut down the subscription however this cannot be done with no access to the account. I wish to start a new family subscription on a new email however I do not want to be charged for two of the same subscriptions. 

Is there any way of solving the problem.


I simply wish to shut down the old account and the family subscription associated with it without having to log into said account.


Thank You


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Hey there @isaacjkay,

thanks for posting !


I suggest reaching out to support through this page and have them take a closer look at your account.

Please make sure to reply to any automated mail you recieve.


Hope this helps 😃

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