Account log in problems

I upgraded to a family premium account. It works on my family's other devices except my sons phone my wife opened link on his computer and did setup thru Facebook And when I try to log in on phone thru Facebook it logs in and after a few song skips it wants me to try or upgrade to premium I have cleared cache and logout already. How do I fix this
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Hey @Lilantdoctolero, welcome to the Spotify Community!


If you go to his Spotify account on his computer, what does his Subscription tab say?

If that says he is on Spotify's Free service, you may need to resend the link to join for his account.


Looking forward to your response 🙂

It says it is spotify premium




Okay, can you double-check that you're using the exact same login details on his phone? And go to that same website on his phone? If it says something different about his subscription, then there is a chance you might accidentally be using two separate accounts, which is why the Premium isn't rolling over to his phone.

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