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Account not allowing any access

Account not allowing any access

My wife and I use an account paid for by someone else who recently had stopped paying, we wanted to update the payment info, but we are not allowed any access to the account even though we can successfully connect to the facebook aaccount associated with it. I had to creat this account to even access this community. any help on how to access account info so that we can change payment info would be appreciated. 

Spotify Error 2.PNG
spotify error 1.PNG
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Hey there @DadBodMadBod,

thanks for reaching out !


The owner of the a plan and the one who holds the rights of using it is the one who initialy created and paid for it.


They only thing i can suggest is that you reach out to support through this contact page and ask them to take a closer look for you.


Hope this helps 😃

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