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Account was hacked!!!

Account was hacked!!!

I was having trouble signing into my account a few days ago. I thought that maybe there was something wrong on Spotifys end. Well today I decided to change my password, and I was able to log into my account. Well to my surprise, ALL my playlists and music is completely gone and some music I've never even heard of was on my account instead. I can just add all the songs back, but I had 1,000 songs. Thats going to take some time to add everything back, remember what songs I had and the artist. If there is any possibility I could get everything I had back before the hack, I would greatly appreciate it!

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You can restore your playlist on the spotify website.

Follow these steps:

1. Go on

2. Click on profile

3. Select Account

4. Click on recover playlists

5. There you should find your lost playlists

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