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Adding Picture to Profile


Adding Picture to Profile

It seems like I should be able to add my picture to the profile but I can't.  Is this feature only available if you link it to your facebook?


If there's a way to add profile pictures WITHOUT linking to Facebook please let me know.




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 This feature is now available on Spotify, you don´t need to connect Facebook to change your profile picture. Now you can change/remove your user profile picture:


1. Go to your Spotify user;


2. Click on your profile picture, it should appear change on the bottom*;


Sem Título.png


3. Now Remove or Change;


4. Upload the image you want;


*Make sure you're in your primary PC or Mac account. It won't work if you're
on another device in the app.

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Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


You can now update or remove your profile picture through the desktop app. There's more info about this in this support site article


Note: Make sure your picture doesn’t violate any copyright, trademark, or personal image rights. For more information, check out our playlist image guidelines


Hope that helps! If there's anything else we can with, don't hesitate to give us a shout in a new thread. We'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Thanks!! For those of us that had Spotify BEFORE it was part of Facebook we like not having to integrate it.  I shall post the suggestion as you stated.


Have a great day!

Spotify wants me to sign up for their service, but I can only have a profile photo if I link to a facebook account which I refuse to sign up for? No thank you.

If you are a new user, you can't sign up for Spotify at all without a Facebook account.


Which makes me wonder how you're posting here.

I got in before the requirement

The bad part is it doesnt even show your facebook photo even when you log in to facebook and spotify. 

Jckinnick - For your Facebook photo to pop up, you'll need to connect your Spotify and Facebook accounts from inside your Spotify. After this, you'll see your nice little picture in the corner of Spotify.

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Im pretty sure i did it says that im logged in up where the profile pic is supposed to be and then i went to the people section and logged in where it says get started with facebook and still no photo.


Jckinnick - According to your account, you're not linked up. Log onto Spotify using your username 'jckinnick', then head to 'Preferences' (under 'Edit'), and scroll down to 'Connect to Facebook'. Input your details here and you'll be on your way.

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Spotify isn't adding a option to download info with Spotify like name and picture to Profile. So I created new Facebook account today and now I enjoy my Spotify app - I can see my picture and name in my playlists even if on Android. And this is so cool thing, before boring default image.


And now I can enjoy Sounddrop again. Let's see.

Now of course you can sign up to Spotify without a Facebook account once more (top decision) that means Spotify should have some basic profile features... including change the pic from dull grey blob head. Just joined and I'm clicking and right-clicking everything trying to find out how to change the thing. Just hope the rest of Spotify's features are more rewarding...

Agreed...I just recently joined Spotify since I learned the Facebook login is no longer required (wonder how many customers Spotify lost due to that horrible decision).  However, I currently have no way to upload a profile image.  Here's hoping that since Spotify finally cut the cord, basic user profile functionality will be added again.

Same problem... Please fix this spotify

For the love of Gawd please fix this. I can't even find people if they're not on Facebook. I closed my account months ago and have no need to open a new one. 

I've been using my Facebook account and I wanted a Spotify account, and you CAN create one, I just created this one now. The way I did it, was on the program there's something below the login that says 'Haven't got an account? Sign Up!' or something like that, it's a link to the site to sign up, fill out the details and if you want to create a free account, there's an option for that, but, of course, you can't access all the stuff. I just used free so I don't know what's enabled for paid users. Anyway, that's how you create an account!

KatyCats stay KatyCats forever

Not an option if you already have an account.

Deleted - wrong topic sorry - 



I'm wondering—as I just set up an account that is not connected to my personal FB—if the question of adding a profile image through Spotify has been or will be resolved in the future? I notice that the last posts on this thread date back to Feb 2012.



In Feb 2012, Facebook was mandatory to sign up so it made a bit more sense to not have this feature. However, they stopped requiring Facebook in September and we haven't heard much since.


They're currently remaking the entire social part of Spotify so I guess this is under consideration.

im new, and i didnt have to use my facebook

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