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cant connect y spotify account with my facebook one

cant connect y spotify account with my facebook one

i created an old account with my facebook and now i use an other premium one and i want to connect it to my facebook account but when i try to do that it says that an other account is connected. 
tried to login to the non-premium acc to unlink it but i couldnt.Is there anything i can do so i can connect my premium account to my facebook one?

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Have you done a forgot password to get access to your old account so you can unlink the facebook? if not maybe try contract spotify support and provide as much detail as possible, and then they maybe able to gain access to your account and unlink your facebook for you

already loged in and tied to unlink it but it doesnt give me that option 

It's best to contact support so they can close your Facebook-created account properly and provide you info in connecting/linking your accounts. 

Hey @Ventic13 Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Are you trying to unlink your account by using a computer or by phone? If you are doing it by phone, its not possible to unlink your account that way. You will have to use a computer. 


If you are using a computer, could you provide the steps on how you tried to unlink your account?



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