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Age restriction

Age restriction

I'm a father of the child under 13 years old and wish to allow to use spotify. Is it possible? If yes - how (I do not wish to enter the wrong birthday in registration). I can approve such decision by electronic signature if needed. Thank You.

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Hi there!

To check age requirements for your country or region, please read Spotify's End User Agreement.


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Check out the terms of use for the minimum age in your country:




MattSudaSpotify Star
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If this is the case - why do the marketing materials for Spotify family clearly show young kids???? **bleep** guys?

Age resttictions should be up-front and centre.

the Terms or conditions say  " 13 years of age  (or the equivalent minimum age in your home country) " . I am trying to subscribe for my child, born in March 2008, and the web interface says : does not satisfy age requirement. I actually never asks for the country (that is Italy). How comes? What is the minimum age requirement then?

Hey @a_m__,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us!


The minimum age of your country takes priority if it's higher than the standard age of 13. We've checked at the minimum age in Italy seems to be 14, so it's prioritized. In countries, where the minimum age is lower than 13, the standard age takes priority, meaning that no child under the age of 13 is allowed to use Spotify.


We hope this info was useful. We're always here if you need assistance with anything else.



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Recently (talking, past few months till now) there has been a very steady incline in NSFW podcasts, of all sorts of topics which go all the way to r*pe content... which honestly is not something I was expecting and I think many more weren't. 

The main problem here is that there is no way to block or hide unwanted podcasts, there seems to be no moderation whatsoever and apparently these podcasts have reach everywhere, regardless of what you are searching.

This happened to me while searching the song "As It Was" by Harry Styles, and while I was filling the song title, many podcasts popped up with content that should be age restricted. I tried this same search on 3 different phones and had the same result.


Please check that the Spotify community is still healthy and don't allow this kind of content to spread unrestricted.




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