Aghhh how do you block a follower?!

Aghhh how do you block a follower?!

My ex is still following me and I see his face (and his gf that he cheated on me with, woo!) EVERY time I log in. I'm not following him, I want to never see him, would like to block him from continuing to follow me, and just in general...block...Thanks!

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It's not currently possible I'm afraid but, looking at the response to this idea, it should be coming soon.

I have the same problem. Any update on deleting a follower!!!???

Unfortunately it still isn't possible.

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When will this be possible!? This is very frustrating.

Same. Have a **bleep**ty ex whom I have blocked from FB and I have removed myself from following her, yet everytime I log in I see what she's checked out, and it's usually something I listen to. Don't want her seeing what I do, nor do I wish to see what she is doing.

I have a similar's infuriating. Spotify, please allow us to block users! 

Do we all need to cancel our subscriptions before Spotify will start taking our privacy seriously?


Canceling my subscription till this is changed

Unfortunately when I emailed them a couple of months ago, (because I have an abusive control freak ex following me) I got the impression that whilst a blocking feature is in the pipeline, it'll be a long time before it's implemented. I ended up creating a new account, which is massively annoying as most my friends are connected to my other one. I'm scared of following them with my new one though in case he sees my new account as he's following some of the people I used to. I realise he can still find and follow this one but I'd rather not make it easier for him.

It's unbelievable that they don't have this feature still! 

It's 2015 guys, come on!

I have this problem too and it annoys me so. Spotify we beg you to get this sorted and allow users like us and many others to block followers we do NOT want following us. Thank you

please can this become a thing because this girl I hate is copying my music taste and I need to block that fake person ugh

spotify always sucked, but the fact that they still dont have this option sucks really hard


i need to make sure some people cannot see any activities of mine

That's shocking. Spotify must surely fix that. No privacy measure. It must be simple to fix it so why don't they do it. Maybe close your account ?

Imagine how creepy this problem can get:


- Your ex is a psyco, you want to block him/her but Spotify doesn't have the feature.

- He/she is able to play every single song you are listening to AT THIS RIGHT MOMENT. Nightmarishly singing along at the same your favorite tunes enter your ears.

- He/she can guess what mood you are in today, by analyzing your play history.


Clearly Spotify is allowing psyco STALKING which could be considered a crime.


Spotify please listen to us and develop this small feature: Block a follower.

its 2016 and there's no hope until now ...

I have the same problem. It's the worst. I just want to listen to my music in peace.

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