Aghhh how do you block a follower?!

Aghhh how do you block a follower?!


My ex is still following me and I see his face (and his gf that he cheated on me with, woo!) EVERY time I log in. I'm not following him, I want to never see him, would like to block him from continuing to follow me, and just in general...block...Thanks!

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Seriously #Spotify you need to fix this.



Please could you develop a feature for blocking chosen user? This is horrible!!! I am paying every month ans yet I cant choose who is gonna listen to my playlists. Common! I have a stalking ex bf...


Needs to be fixed.


yes, please add this feature


Please fix this! 


Please add this option! My ex is always following me and seeing what i am listening to. I don't feel safe.

Yeah,but how do you block someone on Spotify++ ?



Spotify - grow up!!


Looks like we need to make the session private/disable publishing my activity - on the flipside, none of my friends will know what I am listening to.

Well works for me for now!

Thanks and cheers


this is still not an option over three years after the original thread?

simple code, simple option that is available on every other social media site.


Bump, seriously?  Is this the only social media app that doesn't let you block users?  This is important and can save a lot of pain / suffering for a lot of people.  What the **bleep** spotify??




Can't you make your session "private?"  Problem solved... And if you're not following your ex, you should not see their activity in your "friend's feed."  You would literally have to go to their page (if public) and see what they are listening to.  Unless there is some serious criminal intent (I feel) "blocking" someone is just creating more drama.  Select private session - eventually your ex will get bored, lose interest in you, and move on. 


Oh, I always remember to make my sessions private, I do not like sharing my
private life with others I don't choose, so I don't link accounts
ie:facebook-spotify, fb-inst, or anything else... and keep 0 followers on
spotify, as I consider that the artists I'm listening to, the albums I'm
into or my "recently played"s say a lot about me and I'm just not
comfortable with anyone being able to follow my steps. So yes, I make my
sessions private and don't "follow my exs" or anything like that, the
problem here is that you are not able to decide weather or not to have some
creepy **bleep** looking over your shoulder and it's really annoying...


and btw, in my particular case I solved it by renaming all lists to GO ****YOURSELF AND STOP FOLLOWING ME. Took a few days but it worked... went back to my original zero followers 😄

Hahaha Best answer!!!


YES PLZ. An ex is now harassing me over a playlist I made with my new boyfriend, its not cool. I have him blocked on every other form of social media no problem


Bump. Unclear on why this hasn't been addressed. Spotify seems to be trying to encourage its users to utilize it as a social media network as well as a digital music service. Given that policy, it seems logical that it would adhere to the same privacy standards instituted by other social media companies. Perhaps a look into the rationale behind the privacy policies of Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, etc. might persuade Spotify to prioritize this issue. By refusing to enable a simple user-by-user blocking feature, Spotify is providing a mechanism by which one individual can keep track of another individual's activities against the latter's wishes. 

i really need this feature.. my rapist follows me on spotify and i don't know how to get him away from my account. does anyone know what to do ?

now this is possible; because my affair partner somehow managed to remove me from her followers. I was following her and I eventually told her; and she managed to somehow drop me as a follower. Eventually I couldn't even look up her account number. Currently I can find her account through mutual friends, and I can re-follow her, but I choose not to. 

She uses a seperate account to follow me and sometimes I wish I could kick her off but I've never found out how.


but the day I told her I followed her, she managed to remove me from her followers. I didn't stop following, but my account adjusted itself.

and there's a trick in that I could start following her account again, I just try to be respectful enough to leave it alone. But it did happen! I don't know how.

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