Aghhh how do you block a follower?!

Aghhh how do you block a follower?!


My ex is still following me and I see his face (and his gf that he cheated on me with, woo!) EVERY time I log in. I'm not following him, I want to never see him, would like to block him from continuing to follow me, and just in general...block...Thanks!

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how is this still not addressed?! PLEASE MAKE A BLOCKING FEATURE!!!!!


Why does it say 'solved' it's not f*cking solved!


Solved is just because the OP marked a response as a solution.


It is a way that everyone can know the current situation in a long topic. Spotify staff usually only aswer to technichal problems and not in features or ideas suggestions.


We are not Spotify's customers, we are the product. They don't need to make us safe or comfortable any more than the farmer needs to be concerned with the comfort and safety of his pigs. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I do hear that Apple Music is getting better. 

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