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[All Platforms][Connect] not an idea but a facebook login problem

[All Platforms][Connect] not an idea but a facebook login problem

hello everyone. i used to use my account on 4 different devices. one is an iphone others are windows pc. i connected my facebook to my account. the problem is;


i dont have everyday access one of windows pc and that pc in a cafe(my old workplace), so they use it all day. a few days ago i went there and logged out. but when i click log in with facebook account i doesnt ask me password or something. connect automatically. 


i log out also facebook.i was fixed. but you all know my other devices also log out from facebook. so i logged in again with my facebook but after i did that old workplace pc could do this and started to use it again without permission. did not ask password or sth again. (of course the staff doing the log in process not the pc itself:)


i tried every possible way. (logging out all devices, connected them again, logged out my fb account) but that pc could log in fb and log in spotify with my account.


how can i fix it? i hope i could explain the problem 😞

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