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[Android][Connect] Account Leak

[Android][Connect] Account Leak

Recently I noticed my Spotify is being played on various devices that I never seen before. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn't have location history nor the two step authentication. That leaves me with mysterious of who are those people using my account. I'm skeptical that my account has been leaked as well as other user accounts world wide. This has happened to my Hulu account that I linked with my Spotify as well. Right now, I already reset my password both the Spotify and Facebook account that I linked with. I will see what will happen next? Worse case is that I switch to another platform. 

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Hi there @heng04,

thanks for reaching out !


If you're experiencing odd behavior on your account, please take all the protection steps provided on this help page and on this one as well.


Upon doing so, you will strengthen you account's security level and it should prevent from the same behavior to repeat itself.


However, if the issue persists, you can always create a new account and have all your data transferred following the steps on this Spotify Answer.

Note: you'll loose access to special offers that came with your current account like Hulu for example.


Keep me posted 🙂

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