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Can not login using Facebook

Can not login using Facebook

I have used the facebook login option for years now. I have tried every username and password combo, Ive changed my password on facebook, I followed all the steps. And now all I have done is log myself out of my phone app too.


When I login on the computer it tells me I do not have a spotify loggin associated with a facebook account error code 1003. But when I choose password reset and type my email in it says use you facebook loggin! (Which I know is correct) I am a spotify premium user, I have attempted to use the multi digit username as the login which did not work. I have looked at the other threads with people with the same issues telling people to sign in through facebook by clicking on the app or generating a login code and none of those things have worked.


I've been trying for several days now and getting extremely frustrated that I can not call someone. When I attmept to submitt a form all it does it redirect me back to the login page which feels like a total joke. Any help would be appreciated. 

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